Millennials Shop Local : Why They Love Shopping Local

5 Reasons Why Millennials Love Shopping Local If you’re in the retail industry, you’ve probably heard the buzz about millennials — a generation that currently holds a large amount of purchasing power and is comfortable shopping both in-store and online. Retailers today are re-examining their marketing and sales strategies to meet the unique demands of […]

Trigger files: Pre-Movers and New Movers

FACT: New Movers and New Homeowners spend more in the first 3 months than the average customer spends in 5 years. We receive updates daily and our rigorous cleaning ensures you receive the hottest and most accurate names in the industry, in order for you to be first to market with your product and service […]

Innovative Marketing

Newlyweds: Changing Lives, Changing Needs 90,000+ Monthly After the wedding vows have taken place newlyweds have a lot to consider when combining their lives. They have much to do, much to buy, and a limited window of time in which to set up their new lives. This is your window of opportunity to help fulfill […]

Altair Customer Intelligence Launches New Prospecting Website

  Franklin, Tennessee (July 7, 2014) – Altair Customer Intelligence is excited to announce the launch of its new prospecting website. Altair is committed to providing in-depth data, advanced analytics and reporting services for the healthcare, finance and retail industries. The new website was designed with functionality and innovation in mind. New Website Offers Advanced […]